About the System

System Description

Halifax Soil & Drain is a socketless, mechanically jointed cast iron drainage and wastewater system. It is designed to minimise installation difficulties and maintenance costs over its lifetime. This is a fit and forget system.

It provides all the benefits of conventional cast iron systems but also offers significant savings on installation costs due to modern jointing techniques which employ ductile iron, stainless steel or push fit couplings.

The Halifax System is finished externally in a two part epoxy coating, red for above ground and grey for below ground.

The complete range is fully compliant with BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 Incorporating Corrigendum 2008 and has been tested and approved by both BBA and BSI Kitemark

Cast iron drainage products are proven to be reliable, durable and strong. They are safe, non-combustible, quiet and with minimal maintenance will last the life of a building. Cast iron is sustainable and can be fully recycled without any loss of its original properties.

“Iron is the fourth most common element in the earth’s crust and can be fully recycled to produce products of equal integrity to the product it has been recycled from. This makes it a very sustainable material.

Our production process is energy intensive but this can be offset by the durability and longevity of cast iron products which will serve the life of a building and can still be recycled after the building has gone.

These properties, combined with other elements in a well designed, modern building can help achieve the highest environmental ratings”

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About Hargreaves Foundry Drainage Halifax Soil and Drain Pipe Diagram
About Hargreaves Foundry Drainage Halifax Soil and Drain Pipe Diagram

The Benefits of Halifax Soil and Drain

  • Quiet in operation – Intrinsic sound-deadening properties of cast iron reduce acoustic insulation costs
  • Fire resistant – As a material Cast Iron is non-combustible and has an A1 fire rating which reduces risk and removes the requirements for fire collars
  • The paint finish has been tested and proven to offer high performance when exposed to aggressive substances
  • Inherent strength and low maintenance requirements of cast iron combined with high quality surface coatings offer a fit and forget solution
  • Correctly installed and maintained cast iron pipe systems can last in excess of 100 years
  • Cost effective over the whole life of a building
  • Extremely low waste at end of life – scrap castings can be fully re-cycled
  • High pressure couplings designed for use in high-rise buildings
  • The system can be easily modified and adapt to changes to the building in later life with minimal extra cost which helps keep the whole life costs down

Above Ground Products


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