Joint Tests

BS EN 877 has a requirement for all pipe systems to undergo joint testing. Halifax Soil and Drain products have undergone strict water and air tightness tests which proved that the couplings within the system are capable of making sound seals with the pipes aligned at 3° degrees and when subjected to shear forces. The system meets the requirements for gravity soil installations for both external and internal pressure resistance.The Halifax Soil and Drain system uses four couplings;

Ductile iron coupling

  • Two piece coupling manufactured from ductile iron BS EN 1563
  • Zinc plated socket cap locking screw and nut M8 for 50 – 200mm (6mm Allen Drive)
  • 2 locking screws on 50 – 100mm and 4 locking screws on 150mm & 200mm dia’s
  • EPDM synthetic rubber sealing ring
  • Pressure rating up to 0.5 bar unrestrained
  • Above ground soil couplings coated in 2 part epoxy finish red colour
Ductile Iron Coupling

Rapid Connect steel coupling

  • Clamping unit/collar manufactured from ferritic stainless steel AISI 430 Ti
  • 50mm – 150mm: M8 zinc plated socket cap screw and nut (6mm Allen Drive)
  • 200mm: M10 zinc plated socket cap screw and nut (8mm Allen Drive)
  • EPDM synthetic rubber sealing ring
  • Block tightening provides visible torque control
  • Pressure rated up to 0.5 bar unrestrained
  • Quick Fitting
  • Suitable for re-use
  • Conforms to the requirements of BS EN 877
Connect Coupling

Halifax high performance coupling

  • Fully re-usable axial restraint pipe coupling system for use in sensitive areas eg. computer rooms and where there may be a risk of excessive back pressure
  • Up to 10 bar internal pressure
  • Casing 304 stainless steel, no spot welding
  • 2 alloy steel zinc PTFE coated locking screws on all sizes
  • EPDM gasket with stainless steel anchor teeth
High Performance Coupling

Halifax Grip Collar

  • Axial restraint safety clamp for use with rapid connect coupling
  • Ensures integrity on pipelines subject to accidental back pressure
  • Hardened grip ring insert
  • 50mm – 100mm up to 10 bar pressure rating
  • 150mm provides up to 5 bar
  • 200mm provides up to 3bar
  • Manufactured from zinc plated steel with fitted socket cap screws
Zinc Plated Grip

Electrical Continuity

Electric continuity is needed when using metal pipes in construction to provide an earth. Cast iron has excellent conductive properties, however, the Halifax Soil system includes rubber gaskets, where the adjacent pipe ends or fittings connect, that create a barrier to electrical conductivity.

The Halifax system has a choice of two standard couplings, the Rapid Connect coupling in stainless steel and the ductile iron coupling.

Tests commissioned by Hargreaves Foundry at an independent laboratory (Pullmans Instruments Ltd) in accordance with section NA8 of BS EN 877:1999 + A1:2006 have shown that with a steady current of 25 Amps, both the Rapid Connect couplings and the Ductile iron couplings demonstrate conclusively excellent electrical continuity. When Halifax Soil couplings are correctly installed, they provide a resistance less than 4% of the maximum, 0.3Ω, permitted.

These results prove that the Halifax Soil system is suitable for use in structures where creating a continuous electrical discharging circuit is necessary.

Electrical Continuity